Eman Askar's song for Palestine The story of Palestine is shared on Instagram (@emmasworld.101)


There once was a land called Palestine

Where Christians, Muslims and Jews lived fine

In the 1800s

It was ruled by The Ottoman Empire

Meanwhile, a bearded guy

Founded Zionism for Jews to aspire

A land that becomes their home, and safe

Only for their kind

Then there was World War I

That ended when the Allies won

And England was like “Hey, this beautiful land is totally mine”

Still, the name was Palestine

Even though it was colonized

And a promise for a Zionist State

Was made by a man that had no right!

Then more and more Jews arrived

seeking refuge and that’s alright

Until their plan to steal the land

Was no longer to hide!

The year was 1948,

When Israel bullied its way into a “state”

Thousands of Palestinians fled their homes to survive

No right for return, no right for a home, no right to fight for the land that they owned

Israel expanded more and more into an APARTHEID

Where is your humanity?

Where is your respect for dignity?

Call it “conflict”? That’s insanity!

It's time to change your mind!

One day Palestine will be free!

So be on the right side of history

You’re not antisemitist if you stand against war crimes

Don’t be brainwashed by the news

Now you can see for yourself the truth

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