The new advertising from Go Turkey: İstanbul is the new cool!

Go Turkey has aired a new advert for promotion of Turkey. The video film shot specifically for Istanbul, and Istanbul is presented as the "new cool" which is shown from a lively and dynamic perspective as a "cool" city for young people.

Global News 27.07.2021, 15:42 27.07.2021, 16:29
The new advertising from Go Turkey: İstanbul is the new cool!

İstanbul defines the word cool. Being home to a very diverse crowd, and holding two continents together, being cool is inevitable.

A Combination of Modern and Traditional

It is İstanbul's endless variety that fascinates its visitors. The museums, churches, palaces, grand mosques, bazaars, and sites of natural beauty are countless. While you’re relaxing on the western shores of the Bosphorus at sunset and watching the crimson evening light reflected on the other continent, it’ll become clear why so many centuries ago settlers chose to build a city on this remarkable site. In such moments, you can understand why İstanbul is truly one of world’s most magnificent cities.

İstanbul is Türkiye's most developed and largest city, with the latest discoveries indicating that the history of human habitation here goes back some 400,000 years. The purple years of İstanbul started in 330 when Emperor Constantine declared the city the capital of his empire – royal purple was the color of the Byzantine imperial family. Until 1453, when it was conquered by the Ottomans, the city served as the capital of the Byzantine Empire. During the reign of the Byzantines, İstanbul known at the time as Constantinople, was adorned with a number of great monuments, which made it the most magnificent city in the world – this was true even during the declining years of the empire.


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