GCA Makes Massive Investment in Turkish Glass Container Industry: GCA To Build Two New Factories

As a Gürok Holding company, GCA continues the Holding’s experience of over 25 years in glassware production with an innovative approach into glass container manufacturing and proceeds with new factory investments at full steam. Following the commissioning of its second factory in the Kütahya First Organized Industrial Zone last February, GCA has nearly doubled its daily production capacity of 420 metric tons with an additional 400 metric tons.

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GCA Makes Massive Investment in Turkish Glass Container Industry: GCA To Build Two New Factories

It has also increased employment by 100 percent, reaching 500 employees. Finally, it has announced two new factory investments for the production of white (flint) and green (colored) glass containers with the goal of completing a third in 2022, and a fourth in 2023. These factories will be built in the Kütahya First Organized Industrial Zone with each boasting a daily production capacity of 500 metric tons, totaling 1.000 metric tons.

These two new glass container factories will also be the largest furnaces to be built by GCA. By 2023, GCA’s annual production capacity will increase from 1 billion to 2.5 billion units thanks to an additional 1.800 metric tons. It will also increase its employee headcount to 1.200 by creating new jobs for 700 people. The infrastructure for GCA’s new production site has been designed to reach a daily production capacity of 2.500 metric tons with a total of five furnaces in foreseeable future.

“We will increase the number of export countries to over 50.”

Speaking on their factory investments, GCA General Manager Abdullah Gayret, Ph.D. said: “With our creative and innovative vision, expert engineers and design teams, we as GCA always strive to offer the highest-quality products to our customers in the glass container industry, who we regard as our business partners. In line with this goal, we continue our investments at full steam with a commitment to create added value for our country’s economy. Following our second factory commissioned in February, we began the construction of our third factory to be completed next year. We aim to lay the groundwork for our fourth factory as soon as possible, and complete its construction in 2023. With these investments, we plan to increase our share in Turkey’s glass container production capacity from 15 percent to 20 percent, and then to 25 percent, while reaching out to new customers with our new product portfolio. With these two factory investments, we will grow the market by 16 percent on our own and become the second-largest glass container manufacturer in Turkey.

We export to more than 40 countries, primarily the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Australia and the United States, and we aim to increase the number of these countries to over 50 with our new investments. With these new factories, we will both increase our production capacity and respond more effectively to the increasing market demand to become a global player. With the increased capacity created by our new investments, we will both increase our export volume and make a significant contribution to employment. We are very happy to continue this exciting journey with all our business partners and new investments.”

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