Yildirim Holding to construct Kazakhstan’s first Soda Ash Plant

The first Soda Ash Plant in Kazakhstan is to be built in Sarysu district of Zhambyl region. The project owner is Qazaq Soda LLP, a subsidiary of Yildirim Holding of Turkey. The start of the project is scheduled for the third quarter of 2021.

Global News 12.07.2021, 23:50
Yildirim Holding to construct Kazakhstan’s first Soda Ash Plant

SemArco, a branch of BI Group, an innovative construction holding company,and the international EPC group Archirodon, have joined forces with Chinese companies CAMC Engineering and Dalian Dehua to create the largest chemical facility Qazaq Soda.

At the first phase the investments in the plant will amount to $ 400 million with the final capacity of the plant reaching 1 million tons per year. The first phase with a capacity of 500 000 tons is planned to be completed in 2024. During the construction phase, it is expectedto involve about 1000 people, mainly from the local market. After the commissioning of the plant, 300 new direct and 1000 indirect jobs will be created.

With the implementation of this project, the country will be on a par with the world’s leading soda ash producers and suppliers – China, Turkey, USA and Russia. It is expected that Kazakhstan will stop importing soda ash, fully covering its domestic requirements, and start exporting. The EPC-F project will be implemented with the participation of a foreign investor and considered for financing by Kazakhstani development institution under government programmes, which will allow the industry to increase technological competencies and creating permanent jobs.

Key features of the project include:

Most efficient and environmentally friendly technology in the world.

High quality limestone and rock salt reserves for more than 100 years in close proximity

Access to infrastructure: railway, water pipeline, electricity supply (government incentive)

Zero waste technology with lowest CO2/NOx/SO2 emission in the industry

Five proprietary patents related to process improvement and waste management for soda ash production

By-product production from distillation slurry (500 000 tons per year raw CaCl2&100 000 tons per year NaCl)

Damianos Efthymiadis, General Director of SemArco: The plant will become the largest chemical facility not only for Kazakhstan, but for the entire CIS region. Currently, Kazakhstan imports soda ash in the amount of 350 000 tons per year; however, we expect an increase in demand. Soda ash is used in more than 100 sectors in the glass, chemicals, metallurgical, mining and textile industries. According to preliminary estimates, the Sarysu region has significant reserves of rock salt and limestone, which should be enough for centuries. Therefore, the new plant will serve many generations of Kazakhstanis. Our joint project will give a powerful burst to social, economical and technological development of the country.

Wang Yuhang, President of CAMCE: Kazakhstan and China remain committed to advancing the comprehensive strategic partnership by deeply connecting the “Bright Road” Initiative and the Belt and Road Initiative, strengthening mutual support on the international stage to achieve common progress and prosperity of the two countries. As one of China’s key enterprises participated in the “Going Global” strategy, CAMCE has actively served in the China-Kazakhstan Industrial Capacity Cooperation, exploring opportunities in Kazakhstan markets in industries including petrochemical, new energy, ecological agriculture, medical and others, and has achieved certain results. This project is a breakthrough for CAMCE involving in Kazakhstan’s chemical industry. Under the leadership of the two governments, with joint efforts from our Kazakhstan partners, CAMCE will make more contributions to deepening China-Kazakhstan Capacity Cooperation and promoting China-Kazakhstan Development Community.

Metin Oktay, Vice President – Russia and CIS of Yildirim Holding: We are very excited to start this important project under the leadership of Mr Ismail Ceylan, a globally recognized expert and our CEO for Soda Ash & Derivatives business. Due to its vast potential for metals and mining industry, and its strategic location in Central Asia for chemicals industry, Yildirim Holding, though its subsidiaries, Yilmaden Holding and Qazaq Soda LLP, has defined Kazakhstan as the preferred country of choice to invest in. In fact, since 2013, Yildirim Holding has made investments worth more than $500 million in Kazakhstan and this new investment is a testament of our commitment to and confidence in the potential of this great country.

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